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WHAT is Suncoast Network Professionals Inc. (NPI)? A locally owned, 29+ years young, world-class, seat-specific business referral organization with a community look and feel.
Our WHY is to build unbreakable business relationships that create growth for your business through incredible business referrals.
HOW we do that is through ‘unstructured structured’ weekly meetings enhanced with educational videos from Edunovo Business Academy for AHA learnings, also known as the Monday Morning Sip of Coffee.

Jon Marshall - Owner

About Us

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Our Guarantee

We have such an amazing track record that we have no doubt any entrepreneur can succeed in one of our chapters.

If you do not receive enough referral business or derive savings from doing business within your first year with other NPI members to recover your membership fee of $365, NPI will refund your money. In order to qualify for this refund you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Give at least 24 qualified referrals (2 per month). 
  • Bring 4 qualified guests or recruit one new member to ANY NPI chapter.
  • Attend a minimum of 45 meetings per year in your home chapter.
  • Be financially current with your NPI chapter.

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