Suncoast NPI TV


Suncoast NPI TV has relaunched with a new production framework and location. It is an evolution from the previous WeBeamTV-produced series of hour-long livestream and live-to-tape bi-weekly productions. The new model aims to reduce the logistical headaches of NPI members and ultimately exceed the production value of the earlier series. To achieve this, Suncoast NPI leadership has outlined clearly defined goals, a new show format, and shooting schedule plans.


  1. Offer a compelling video product for Suncoast NPI members that rivals the previous incarnation of Suncoast NPI TV (occasionally referred to as, “iTV”)
  2. Simplify the segment booking, scheduling, and overall production process.
  3. Provide Suncoast NPI members a higher value for their media.

Show Format

The new format for Suncoast NPI TV will take advantage of slightly longer running times to allow for more information exchange between the NPI Member and Jon Marshall, and ultimately their audience. There are effectively three combinations of the show that can be recorded for an NPI member: Options A, B, and C.

Option A follows the prior NPI TV format, to an extent, with a topic being presented by the NPI member for a span of time, and then Jon Marshall joining in with a conversational aspect where the topic is discussed.

Option B would entail two different topic presentations being recorded during the same production window; something that members previously would have gladly taken advantage of.

Option C is a long-form interview or discussion with Jon Marshall, where he will broach different topics with the entrepreneur and allow for casual conversation and response.

All format options are intentionally flexible to allow Suncoast NPI members to get a half-hour of video production time for a low price.

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Please Note: This is a non-refundable deposit for a production day booking. If you need to reschedule to a different shoot day, please contact Jason Robinson or Jon Marshall.